Monday, 20 April 2015

Hilter's Information

He believed in the supremacy of the Aryan tribe and hence send his people to the himalayas to measure the skull size,jaws,limbs of the inhabitants there [ who were percieved as Aryans] in order to derive a common parameter to identify the people of the aryan race.His ideology was that Aryan race were superior to all races and germans being aryans deserved to rule the world ,the jews and the gypsies were lower class lesser beings who migrated to germany to loot wealth and take advantage of the peaceful nature of the german population and to rape and molest their women and children.

Hitler also believed that there was no scope of anybody else but for nationalist in Germany ,people who questioned Hitlers type of nationalism were not patriots and deserved to be eliminated .

The NAZI's started changing history text books ,moral science and geography when hitler came to power ,jews were portrayed as evil and cunning people in school books who destroyed the german culture.They opened up thousands of military schools in which young boys were taught german nationalism , self protection, and things as crazy as ''how to recognize a jew '' .

Fundamental among the Nazi ideology was uniting all Nazi tribe under one country ,tribes which later formed different nations in europe.Nazism believed that inorder to save germany the jews should be taught a lesson however inhuman it maybe

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