View about Nationals

I don't think its the lack of laws enforcing Indianness. No country has even been great by enforcing nationalism on its own people. Had India tried to be strong and prosperous, its citizens would have had better unifying and diverse values.

Well, Israel for instance has made military enrolment mandatory for at least a year or two. If implemented in India, this can serve as a powerful deterrent to internal terrorism. The idea behind Hindutva is still the same in this case, although not as explicitly spelled out to be "Hindutva". Inculcating pan-nationalistic sentiment among all its citizens would certainly eliminate a host of problems that the nation currently is suffering from. 

Another example being Uniform civil code opposition from minorities. Technically they aren't anywhere close to being a 'minority', it's political concocted term and used generously for political purposes.


Information about Unity of India

At it's face value it might sound dictatorial, but in the hind-sight the lack of laws that enforce Indian-ness among all religious minorities (specially Muslims and Christians) has created problems.
The Indian -ness that i know is about ''unity in diversity'', about humanity,kindness,love for all , multiculturalism , i did not know that i have to declare myself as a person having Hindu ancestry first and start reading the Gita in order to have that Indian -ness .India is hundreds of kingdoms united in 1947, and before that it wasn't a country. So there is no such thing as Indian-ness especially if you r comparing the far North-East to the far South and the far North-West there are immense cultural and racial differences and linguistic too. Most central Indians in Gujarat , Mumbai all act very similar though - and usually fit the cultural stereotypes of other Indians as depicted in Western Television. But obviously a Sikh Kashmiri guy is not going to act anything the same as a Tamil South Indian guy - they will look, talk and act completely different. India is just a very new country made 60 plus years ago - it's stupid saying all Indians are the same, because it is the same as saying if France, Italy, and Spain all joined and became one country - and culturally through languages, looks, and acting they are all different.

Indianess of the RSS is declaration that Hindus are the real Indians and the rest must live under their symp

Some Information about Hitler

In no way was i trying to justify his atrocities against Jews or policy of Nazism but his leadership had a positive side to it also..... If we were to keep what he did to the Jews aside then some of his policies specially his economic ones and his policy of national integration were very impressive..

Lets move on and forget about what he did to the 6 million jews ,there are positive things that we should appreciate too, we must appreciate the good work he did,why only talk negative ,it was not he who personally killed the jews,he didnt go out there and burn them ,it was basically anger at the injustice metted out to the majority population that finally culminated into this. We must forget and see the progress and development ,why nobody talks about the german women who were raped after world war 2 ,nobody talks about that .

He was a visionary and he changed the country,he brought it immense devlopment which helped everybody and we need more people like him.

Information about Sri Lanka Resolution

What will a passed resolution do other than condemn Sri Lanka at UN? How will it help tamil civilians of Northern Lanka?

Voting for resolution will only drive India out from all the rehabilitation work it's doing in Northern Sri Lanka, rise on Sinhala nationalism and ill feelings toward India giving an opportunity to Chinese to make bases. IMO should use its goodwill and clout with Rajpaksha's govt for betterment of tamils. UN is a defunct organization anyways. Its only used by powers to get stuff done legally.

Tamil civilians had to go through worse atrocities. I think other than TN (for obvious reasons), other regions of India has either had no information or have been aloof of news coming out of Sri Lanka. I am all for bringing war criminals to justice but not by shaming SL publicly. I suspect it may harden Lankan public further against tamil minorities. I am however all for it if India offer refuge or amnesty to these civilians who want to move out.

My view about Drona

Junior Bachchan returns to the big screen after quite a while with this fantasy flick directed by childhood buddy Goldie Behi. Playing his bodyguard is the drop-dead gorgeous Priyanka Chopra. The Film is about a boy who realizes his destiny and has to fulfill it. Things to look out for? The costumes, lavish settings, special effects, action, the songs and, of course, the romance.