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A person's mobility and his speed of mobility is reduced as his age increases.Lots of aged people all around the world feel difficult to move around.Most of the old people prefer light weight scooters to move around.Friends, I visited a website, www.thescooterstore.com and I was just amazed to see the range of scooters not only for old people, they have a lot of electric scooters for youngsters.They specialize in various scooter models such as electric scooters and power scooters.The scooters have three or four wheels and can be steered using the handlebars.These scooters are a wonderful companion for elderly people.They make the elderly people move from one place to the other without much strain.


Game agreement and Old Nokia update

An agreement that will allow Wimbledon organizers to buy back complete control of the All England Club passed a vote with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). The agreement, in which the LTA will supposedly get $83 million in installments over a five-year period, will take effect in 2013 and last until 2053. Besides buying back the 50 per cent of the club it gave away in 1934, the organizers of the grass-court tournament will also be allowed to keep 10 per cent of the profits instead of giving it all to the LTA, the governing body of British tennis.

It was thought the Xperia might have a competitor in the Nokia 5800, called 'Tube' in tech circles; but then, Nokia announced another that might be just right for the race: the Nokia N97, christened the world's most advanced mobile computer.' The N97 combines a large 3.5-inch touch screen, like that of the iPhone and a full slide out QWERTY keypad like the X1 and the Google Android G1. But, unlike the iPhone, the N97 will play Flash too. Storage-wise, the N97 fares well too. The phone comes with 32 GB of on-board memory, twice that of the iPhone. It's also dubbed the most powerful 'multi-sensory device:' like most N-series phones, it boasts a five-mega pixel camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and it all in. The surprise comes in the huge 48GB memory space (with micro SD card), a step above the N96. Price: Rs. 34,000