Tuesday, 10 August 2021


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Monday, 9 August 2021

My view on transfer from Google Photos to OneDrive

It has been few weeks since I switched to OneDrive as my preferring online cloud platform and to back up my mobile photos & videos. Post migration to OneDrive, I had hiccup of extracting my old photos from RAR file exported from Google Photos to OneDrive. However, in this article, I wanted to detail the comparison between Google Photos and OneDrive, focusing only about photos and its features

Google Photos: 

  • Memories: For each day, the app shows different memories happened over years. 
  • Uniqueness: At times, even shares some collage photos with similar photos taken earlier
  • Effects: 
    • At times, the Google adds cinematic effects or 3D effects to photos
    • Additionally, Google shares animation effects for group of similar photos or for videos
  • Memories: Shares only the images/photos taken during same timeline
  • Uniqueness: 
    • Saves Photos & videos with source format. Example:
      • Stores live photos as it is
    • Video files are saved in source quality and no compression of file is name
  • Effects:   No effects are applied, the file is saved and stored as it is.
For below comparison, taken photo of credit cards and uploaded both files into Google Photos and OneDrive

Google Photos: 
  • Photo Search functionalities
    • Search Term: card(s)
      • Shows up results of only photos with single card
      • Does not show up photos holding multiple cards 
  • Improvements needed
    • Need to allow users to enable option for saving photos or videos in source format
    • Photo search to be improved a little bit compared to OneDrive
    • Photo Search functionalities
      • Shows up results of photos of all photos having single card or multiple cards.
      • Shows up results on filename having card as well
    • Improvements needed
      • Need memories function to be improved, so more such photos are shown up
      • Photo Effects option to be enabled
      • While searching, there should have been choice to filter out filetypes like PDF or JPEG files only
    For more comparison like above or if you are looking to read more such articles, please feel free to check out the G R Team Sites.