Singing Bowls of Tibet Information

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Spinal Health Information

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Asus Zenfone Information

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Ancient History Information

Are you implying hinduism is much recent to kerala?

In my information, kerala before 500 AD was a sort of dravidian place where people had no organised religion, but they worshipped their ancestors and a warrior goddess. Women drank and quarrelled. In short we can say a "Thora" (coastal) culture akin to vizhinjam, chaavakkad, mattancheri meenchantha existed them.

Into this first comes vedic aryan influences. Then arrives buddhism and jainism. Then comes judaism and later christianity and islam.

The gods and demo gods like ganapati, durga etc are comparatively recent imports. Doesnt mean wht the dravidian believed in wasnt hinduism. (though not in modern keralite form).

We can say similarly abt roman catholicism. Compare the roman church of 900 AD with that of 2001 AD. You will not believe they were the one and same organisation.


Few Information about Literature

Has any of the 'writers' among you thought for a while as to why are you writing THAT piece of writing?

Many good authors, directors, artists or for that matter any creative "doer", who earns a great repute in his field, ends his career by "doing"(write/paint..) his own life story or snippets of it..and generally with a tragic end..but, why should we learn about others problems when we have sufficient probs of our own?

Whom is the literature intended at? (putting apart the 'enlightening' ones intended to arouse feelings of patriotism, create awareness etc. ,indeed, these are only a scintilla in the Sense-Binding 'science' of literature)