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Apple Pencil 1st Generation will be ceased in 2022

 Apple Pencil 1st Generation will be ceased in 2022

Apple Pencil 1st generation have been in the market for past few years and ever since it was launched, it has not been getting further enhancements or new features in the latest launch events. There are couple of reasons why the first-generation Apple pencil might be discontinued and may be moved into Apple’s obsolete products list. Here are my reasons on why Apple Pencil 1st generation might be discontinued:
  • Supported only by one Generation of iPad: As of now, the apple pencil 1st generation has been supported only by one generation of the iPad – the 9th Generation. Which means that, an iPad accessory is in the production only for the support for single product and the long-time production manufacturing with software updates will become more complicated than ever. So, apple might think of discontinuing the product, rather than spending millions in manufacturing and allocating their resources for compliant software updates.
  • Lack of new features: Apple Pencil 1st generation has not got any new features or software enhancement for a long time and with being idle for a long time directly means that the product might get killed sooner than later. With all the iPad models moving to USB-C connectivity, the next generation iPad might also move to USB-C connectivity.
Hope, Apple makes the announcement on the Apple 1st generation discontinuation sooner than later and launches more exciting new product that makes iPad more productive. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”