Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Disappointing iPad 9th Generation with lukewarm design and processor

After much fanfare and leaks from different tech experts, Apple has finally launched iPad 9th generation and I was completely disappointed with the version launched. I have few pointers about the recently launched iPad version and wanted to detail them in this article. Here is the list
  • Boring design with no major updates: iPad 9th generation was released with same old design as 7th & 8th generation iPads with no better display or USB type C support and even did not include support for Pencil 2nd version, while the iPad mini got both design revamp and support for iPad pencil. 
  • Lukewarm processor: Apple has inducted A13 bionic processor into 9th generation iPad and the processor was couple of years old with nominal results when compared to recently launched processors. The processor will anyways have power to handle all day-to-day tasks and will be disappointing for people, who were looking for high processors from this affordable iPad for their work. 
  • Lack of differentiating feature: Other than affordability, the newest iPad 9the generation process does not include any new innovative feature or enhancements for existing users to move from their old iPads to the latest iPads.
Hope, apple does a revamp of iPad's 10th generation like it did for iPad mini or else, the users will stick to their existing old iPads longer than needed, while enjoying all new iPadOS features in their existing devices. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the articles published in "G R Team Sites"