Why should I get new M1 Macbook Air 2020

For a long time, I was looking to get new MacBook as replacement for my older MacBook Pro due to its slowness and lack of updates or no option to get newer version of operating system. I wanted to get newer M1 MacBook Air for the following reasons.
  • Superior performance: The M1 version was already breaking all benchmark results and the performance far better than earlier versions. 
  • Future-proof for next 5 years: Since newer version of M1 MacBook was launched only at 2020, the next few iterations of software will support the laptop and all the new features will support the laptop at least for 5 years. 
  • Reliability: The reviewers were praising Apple for delivering on what it had promised, and I am sure the reliability of M1 MacBook Air will exceed the reliability expectation levels. 
  • Battery: The last and most impacted feature of the new M1 MacBook Air is the superior and consistent battery performance. If Apple has committed some hours on battery performance, then I am sure it will exceed the expectations with the normal usage. 
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