Travel Trip on Island

We traveled on board of an old and a wonder ship to the Beauty Blue Birds Island once that we were beginning to take a little school vacancy. But to my surprise it happened the unexpected: the people madly began to shout and to run everywhere! There were too many dogs, cats and children that were confused among them. Suddenly, the great ship began sinking slowly and all the people abruptly began screaming at the same time. Meanwhile some of ours were saved on ten lifeguard boats, until so do I achieved to rescue myself and I got saved my family but I lost all my animals. After this fatal and tragic adventure I have decided that I will never be guided for other people or any kind of advertisement no more. And I reached a conclusion if I want to rest and to have any peace, it will be better that I just search for it in my own home. Maybe I must look for in my kitchen or in my own bathroom. I shall not mind with anybody that wants to go where he wants go. All what I want it is just they let me live in peace now.


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