Sudden issue in my Ford EcoSport

Sudden Issue in my Ford Ecosport

I have been using Ford EcoSport as my primary car for past several years and have been meeting my daily commuting needs reliably. One fine day when I was about to take my car to drop my kid to her school, I was shell shocked as my car had flashed some serious error message in the infotainment screen and had engine light flashing in the dashboard. Initially I had assumed it as incorrect error message due to battery drain and had restarted my car to check if there was error message again. After restarting multiple times, I had found out following issues in my Ford EcoSport

  • ABS & power steering Failure Error message: Post restarting several times, I had to figure out the source error message and had carefully identified the message displayed in the infotainment screen. The message read “Repair immediately ABS failure and Repaid immediately Power Steering failure”. I was completely heartbroken after identifying the source error message notification and the light notification in the engine dashboard had confirmed the same.
  • Steering Wheel became hard to move: Post identification of the error message in the infotainment of the car, I wanted to move the car a little bit to identify any issues while driving or the notification was due to some battery drain issue. While moving the car a little bit, I was able to confirm the issue in my car even further, as the steering had become completely hard to move and the engine dashboard light was ON & alerting not to move the car with current failure messages.

Post confirming the above issues in my car, I was completely heartbroken and had to take few minutes off to get into terms of the situation about my car. To know more about what happened to my car and resolution of the issue, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”