Convincing reasons to buy memory foam tips for my AirPods Pro

 Convincing reasons to buy memory foam tips for my AirPods ProAs I had detailed in my earlier article about the ear tip issue in my right side AirPods pro and often had to re-align in my ear to get ‘Good Seal’ outcome during Apple’s in-built ear tip test. While I was checking out internet about the possible solution for my AirPods pro re-alignment issue, most experts were of opinion to try out for memory foam tips and few users noticed that memory foam tips solved their AirPods pro fitment issues. Following pointers were convincing enough for me to buy memory foam tips to resolve my AirPods pro issues.

  • Better fitment in the ears: Most users were suggesting that the memory foam ear tip had better fitment than the original Apple silicone ear tips and were also of opinion that, since memory foam would adjust itself based on the ear size. Since, the ear size varies from people to people, the memory foam ear tip option was convincing enough for me and I had opinion that my ear size was different, which impacted Apple’s silicone ear tip seal.
  • Enhanced Bass in memory foam ear tips: The users who bought memory foam ear tips were of opinion that the memory foam ear tip had better bass than the Apple’s silicon ear tip. Since, I was able to notice bass loss while watching Dolby Atmos supported movies in OTT platform, I was convinced that opting for memory foam ear tip would solve both bass loss issue and fitment or Good Seal issue in my ear.

The above listed pointers may be convincing enough for the readers to opt for the memory foam ear tips over Apple’s silicone ear tips, however opting for memory foam ear tips did not solve my issues and it got even worse. To know more about my experience with memory foam ear tip in AirPods Pro, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites.”