Manager again assigned me irritating opportunity

I was somehow confused about this opportunity because, the manager was not that good with me and he would assign only complicated opportunities to me. Trusting this manager for one time, I told other manager that I would be able to support the opportunity, even though it is from most irritating account in my team. My team’s other manager looped me into this opportunity from one of the most irritating account and notified to my manager that I will be working on this opportunity. After completing that irritating opportunity, I was hoping that this opportunity would be much easier than the earlier one and got connected with the delivery person to acquire the background about the opportunity details and the amount of work required from my end. The initial call was much smoother than I expected, I got some information from the delivery person and opportunity seemed straight forward and I had a standard set of slides to be incorporated for the deck to be shared. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”