My comparison of M2 or M1 MacBook Air or expensive M1 pro

My comparison of M2 or M1 MacBook Air or expensive M1 pro
As I have detailed in my other articles published in "G R Team Sites", I have been using MAC operating system as my primary device for past few years and felt comfortable in using the MacBook. Being in Apple ecosystem for past few years, I have no intention of exiting the ecosystem and have plans to continue for few more years. However, recently my 2012 MacBook Pro had started to give few issues and I am planning to upgrade to the latest version of MacBook’s available. But, with the recent launch of M1 pro, the oscillation of selecting preferred MacBook's have grown higher and following are my observation on each version of MacBook
  • M1 Pro launched in 2021: M1 Pro was recently launched, and the processing speeds were exceeding the expectations based on technology experts. However, with new mini-LED screen, M1 processors & notch, the laptop would be future proof for next few years and the pricing was off my budget. 
  • M1 MacBook Pro 2020: MacBook Pro with M1 processor have set new benchmarks with its processing power and the pricing seems to a little way over my budget. However, with specifications seems to be on par with MacBook air and with speculations of touch bar being removed in upcoming versions, opting for the current version seems unpractical. 
  • M1 MacBook Air 2020: This laptop seemed like perfect match for my requirements and was well within my budget. However, with imminent launch of M2 processor and expectations on new benchmarks, investing on older version makes little sense. 
Will reveal further about my decision on MacBook in my upcoming articles.