Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ask Information on Novels

I'm writing this not to say that Fielding and Smollett were not novelists, but to say that the novel in eighteenth century didn't have such a formal cohesion: it was rather a genre of relative freedom in a time when neoclassical rules had yet some hold on literature. Any consensual definition of the novel is a product of later times, a light thrown retrospectively upon an already existing corpus, and it must be as flexible as the corpus itself. There is no sense in expecting that novels were so-and-so when the writers who first brought it into being had no such concerns. What I would like to point out is that the English novel as written in this epoch inherits a Spanish and French practice of narrative insertion that has little to do with the main plot. Thus, writers such as Cervantes, Sorel and Scarron would put short stories amid a longer tale, and their English admirers (such as Fielding and Smollett) would do the same. The insertions in "Joseph Andrews", "Tom Jones" and "Jonathan Wild" are not necessarily joined into the narrative web. The same is true of Smollett, above all in "Peregrine Pickle", but also in his four other novels.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Get info on History

Are you implying hinduism is much recent to kerala? In my information, kerala before 500 AD was a sort of dravidian place where people had no organised religion, but they worshipped their ancestors and a warrior goddess. Women drank and quarrelled. In short we can say a "Thora" (coastal) culture akin to vizhinjam, chaavakkad, mattancheri meenchantha existed them. Into this first comes vedic aryan influences. Then arrives buddhism and jainism. Then comes judaism and later christianity and islam. The gods and demo gods like ganapati, durga etc are comparatively recent imports. Doesnt mean wht the dravidian believed in wasnt hinduism. (though not in modern keralite form). We can say similarly abt roman catholicism. Compare the roman church of 900 AD with that of 2001 AD. You will not believe they were the one and same organisation.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Thoughts on Literature

Has any of the 'writers' among you thought for a while as to why are you writing THAT piece of writing? Many good authors, directors, artists or for that matter any creative "doer", who earns a great repute in his field, ends his career by "doing"(write/paint..) his own life story or snippets of it..and generally with a tragic end..but, why should we learn about others problems when we have sufficient probs of our own? Whom is the literature intended at? (putting apart the 'enlightening' ones intended to arouse feelings of patriotism, create awareness etc. ,indeed, these are only a scintilla in the Sense-Binding 'science' of literature)

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Get Information about Blue Islands

One day I saw in an advertisement written: buy your tickets to the 'Beauty Blue Birds Island'. Many people had been running to get their tickets. They run like wild people trying to get what they had in their minds a long time before: peace, fun and so without having any kind of worry themselves.

More than two thousand peoples were thinking equal each other. They thought the same thing united. Than I took my five sons, my wife, my two little dogs and more three cats and went to join with them!

We traveled on board of an old and a wonder ship to the Beauty Blue Birds Island once that we were beginning to take a little school vacancy. But to my surprise it happened the unexpected: the people madly began to shout and to run everywhere!

There were too many dogs, cats and children that were confused among them. Suddenly, the great ship began sinking slowly and all the people abruptly began screaming at the same time.

Meanwhile some of ours were saved on ten lifeguard boats, until so do I achieved to rescue myself and I got saved my family but I lost all my animals.

After this fatal and tragic adventure I have decided that I will never be guided for other people or any kind of advertisement no more. And I reached a conclusion if I want to rest and to have any peace, it will be better that I just search for it in my own home. Maybe I must look for in my kitchen or in my own bathroom.

I shall not mind with anybody that wants to go where he wants go. All what I want it is just they let me live in peace now.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Information for Shungite Stones

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