Apple Pencil 1st Generation will be ceased in 2022

 Apple Pencil 1st Generation will be ceased in 2022

Apple Pencil 1st generation have been in the market for past few years and ever since it was launched, it has not been getting further enhancements or new features in the latest launch events. There are couple of reasons why the first-generation Apple pencil might be discontinued and may be moved into Apple’s obsolete products list. Here are my reasons on why Apple Pencil 1st generation might be discontinued:
  • Supported only by one Generation of iPad: As of now, the apple pencil 1st generation has been supported only by one generation of the iPad – the 9th Generation. Which means that, an iPad accessory is in the production only for the support for single product and the long-time production manufacturing with software updates will become more complicated than ever. So, apple might think of discontinuing the product, rather than spending millions in manufacturing and allocating their resources for compliant software updates.
  • Lack of new features: Apple Pencil 1st generation has not got any new features or software enhancement for a long time and with being idle for a long time directly means that the product might get killed sooner than later. With all the iPad models moving to USB-C connectivity, the next generation iPad might also move to USB-C connectivity.
Hope, Apple makes the announcement on the Apple 1st generation discontinuation sooner than later and launches more exciting new product that makes iPad more productive. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”


My comparison of M2 or M1 MacBook Air or expensive M1 pro

My comparison of M2 or M1 MacBook Air or expensive M1 pro
As I have detailed in my other articles published in "G R Team Sites", I have been using MAC operating system as my primary device for past few years and felt comfortable in using the MacBook. Being in Apple ecosystem for past few years, I have no intention of exiting the ecosystem and have plans to continue for few more years. However, recently my 2012 MacBook Pro had started to give few issues and I am planning to upgrade to the latest version of MacBook’s available. But, with the recent launch of M1 pro, the oscillation of selecting preferred MacBook's have grown higher and following are my observation on each version of MacBook
  • M1 Pro launched in 2021: M1 Pro was recently launched, and the processing speeds were exceeding the expectations based on technology experts. However, with new mini-LED screen, M1 processors & notch, the laptop would be future proof for next few years and the pricing was off my budget. 
  • M1 MacBook Pro 2020: MacBook Pro with M1 processor have set new benchmarks with its processing power and the pricing seems to a little way over my budget. However, with specifications seems to be on par with MacBook air and with speculations of touch bar being removed in upcoming versions, opting for the current version seems unpractical. 
  • M1 MacBook Air 2020: This laptop seemed like perfect match for my requirements and was well within my budget. However, with imminent launch of M2 processor and expectations on new benchmarks, investing on older version makes little sense. 
Will reveal further about my decision on MacBook in my upcoming articles.


Disappointing iPad 9th Generation with lukewarm design and processor

Disappointing iPad 9th Generation with lukewarm design and processor

After much fanfare and leaks from different tech experts, Apple has finally launched iPad 9th generation and I was completely disappointed with the version launched. I have few pointers about the recently launched iPad version and wanted to detail them in this article. Here is the list
  • Boring design with no major updates: iPad 9th generation was released with same old design as 7th & 8th generation iPads with no better display or USB type C support and even did not include support for Pencil 2nd version, while the iPad mini got both design revamp and support for iPad pencil. 
  • Lukewarm processor: Apple has inducted A13 bionic processor into 9th generation iPad and the processor was couple of years old with nominal results when compared to recently launched processors. The processor will anyways have power to handle all day-to-day tasks and will be disappointing for people, who were looking for high processors from this affordable iPad for their work. 
  • Lack of differentiating feature: Other than affordability, the newest iPad 9the generation process does not include any new innovative feature or enhancements for existing users to move from their old iPads to the latest iPads.
Hope, apple does a revamp of iPad's 10th generation like it did for iPad mini or else, the users will stick to their existing old iPads longer than needed, while enjoying all new iPadOS features in their existing devices. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the articles published in "G R Team Sites"


My view on transfer from Google Photos to OneDrive

It has been few weeks since I switched to OneDrive as my preferring online cloud platform and to back up my mobile photos & videos. Post migration to OneDrive, I had hiccup of extracting my old photos from RAR file exported from Google Photos to OneDrive. However, in this article, I wanted to detail the comparison between Google Photos and OneDrive, focusing only about photos and its features

Google Photos: 

  • Memories: For each day, the app shows different memories happened over years.
  • Uniqueness: At times, even shares some collage photos with similar photos taken earlier
  • Effects: At times, the Google adds cinematic effects or 3D effects to photos

Additionally, Google shares animation effects for group of similar photos or for videos


  • Memories: Shares only the images/photos taken during same timeline
  • Uniqueness: Saves Photos & videos with source format. Example:Stores live photos as it is
  • Video files are saved in source quality and no compression of file is name
  • Effects: No effects are applied, the file is saved and stored as it is.

For below comparison, taken photo of credit cards and uploaded both files into Google Photos and OneDrive

Google Photos -
Photo Search functionalities

  • Search Term: card(s)Shows up results of only photos with single card
  • Does not show up photos holding multiple cards

Improvements needed

  • Need to allow users to enable option for saving photos or videos in source format
  • Photo search to be improved a little bit compared to OneDrive

OneDrive - Photo Search functionalities

  • Shows up results of photos of all photos having single card or multiple cards.
  • Shows up results on filename having card as well

Improvements needed

  • Need memories function to be improved, so more such photos are shown up
  • Photo Effects option to be enabled
  • While searching, there should have been choice to filter out filetypes like PDF or JPEG files only

For more comparison like above or if you are looking to read more such articles, please feel free to check out the G R Team Sites.