Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Women & Honour and Movie Review

A very pertinent issue. Unfortunately, some ppl in our midst refuse to even acknowledge it an issue, but it is a huge problem, at least here in Pakistan.

You are right, somehow the onus of safegaurding the 'honour' of the faimly always falls on the women. I suppose somehow its the legacy of the age-old traditions we have had and the notion that the men know the society better( no pun intended). So they have got to gaurd the womenfolk and punish the few errant and rebelious ones who challenge this belief.
The problem here is that whenever a lady wants to have it her way against the wishes of her family, her family brand here as a stigma to the family- one who has 'dishonoured' them. Somehow i dont think its because of lack of education or social awareness. You would see cases of honor killing right across the social hierarchy. SamiaSarwar was a one such unlucky 'educated' lady who murdered in cold blood at the orders of her mother in the offices of her lawyer. This was the resposne from the ones in our NA. Condemnable to say the least.

And the role of religion? I think the issue had more of a 'social genesis' than a religious one. Religion has just become a pawn in the hands of the perpetrators.

The sad thing is that i dont think education will help in this regard, only proactive involvement by the common man. Check this VictimsOfLaw. Some incidents where the people did win.

So where do we go form here?

Movie Review
After a rocking launch earlier this year with the breezy Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, chocolate-hero Imran Khan turns vicious villain with Kidnap. Pitted against him is angst-ridden father Sanjay Dutt, battling to save his daughter Minissha Lamba. And, Yes, Minissha shed her girl-next-door image with this flick; she worked out like crazy to carry off her latest look. Sanjay Dhoom Gadhvi directs this film; so, expect loads of action.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Replica Watch Store and Nationalism

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I don't think its the lack of laws enforcing Indianness. No country has even been great by enforcing nationalism on its own people. Had India tried to be strong and prosperous, its citizens would have had better unifying and diverse values.

Well, Israel for instance has made military enrolment mandatory for at least a year or two. If implemented in India, this can serve as a powerful deterrent to internal terrorism. The idea behind Hindutva is still the same in this case, although not as explicitly spelled out to be "Hindutva". Inculcating pan-nationalistic sentiment among all its citizens would certainly eliminate a host of problems that the nation currently is suffering from.

Another example being Uniform civil code opposition from minorities. Technically they aren't anywhere close to being a 'minority', it's political concocted term and used generously for political purposes.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

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Friday, 22 July 2016

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