Modes available to get Treadmill for Home 

As I stated in my earlier article that I was planning to treadmill for my physical fitness and to keep healthy regime, the main concern for me now is to figure out shopping mode. With recent lockdown restrictions and COVID scare, the decision to buy treadmill was dragged even more. However, I will continue to detail the pros and cons of the physical shopping mode. 
  • Physical shopping: Getting treadmill in physical store have been the most widespread practice and most practical options for shoppers who were looking to buy treadmills. Let me get into pros and cons of this choice: 
    • Advantages: 
      • Explore treadmill in physical mode 
      • Validate the running surface to suit your walking and running condition 
      • Check out features directly and learn about the product. 
      • Service and product faulty conditions will be addressed faster and swiftly 
      • Spare parts would be readily available 
    • Disadvantages: 
      • Price is higher than online shopping sites 
      • If the product stock is not available, it would take longer than expected to deliver the product. 
      • With COVID scare, it is uncertain when the shops will open and transportation options available due to restrictions 
      • Most of the advanced treadmills are quoted with exorbitant prices. 
To know more about the pros and cons of online shopping mode available for treadmill, please feel free to checkout the articles published in G R Team Sites.

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