Saturday, 20 July 2019

Gradual work load from the irritating opportunity

As you may know from earlier post that I was looped into support the most irritating opportunity my team has ever worked and to my surprise that the most irritating delivery POC has left the company, I was eagerly waiting to see how the opportunity would turn it out. So, the first day started off with the standard slides to be pulled off from the earlier decks and to have a storyline in place for the call and also to get the necessary info inputs from the onsite team. I have put the story line in place and also I have scheduled a call with the on-site team to know more about the opportunity details and have also looped in all the top leaders from my team as well as the other teams to get necessary inputs and hoping it would be a smooth one. However, it turned out to be the most complicated opportunity and the deadline was too short to complete within a week, the leaders were pointing out to me in the call to come up with the updated deck by next week and schedule the recurring calls every day to discuss on the update. To know more about what happened, please check out the blog post in GR team sites.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Session went well and fell ill on the same day

I had to take session on Monday, a day before my long vacation and I was completely pissed about the entire process, as it had no impact to anyone, and the session was planned entirely to show that one of my team’s manager was proactively monitoring the team. The session went well, and I was stammering here and there, however was able to manage little bit and was explaining the concepts in most confident manner. While this manager was communicating to me, he told me that starting from me, everyone in the team would take session on every week to detail about their unique approach adopted and any other relevant topics to work. However, at end of session he was conveying to the team that this session was completely optional and can be opted by individual who wanted present some unique learnings to the team. I was pissed off even more and while taking the session I was feeling little bit uncomfortable and was down for few hours with headache & fever. To know more about my experiences, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Short week with no work at office

After back from long vacation at office, for first two days literally I had no work and was just killing time by watching random videos and browsing internet and on third day while starting to office, I was particularly sure that I would be assigned with one new opportunity and with so much anticipation I enter the office and to my surprise my manager was on leave that day. How excited would an employee get when he or she knows her manager was off and they no work in hand for the entire day. I was too much excited and again started watch videos and now comes the most surprising element at work. One of my colleagues was pinging me in office communicator that whether we can play “Bingo” game, as she was feeling too bored and frustrated. I immediately replied yes and the entire team at my location was playing bingo game in the communicator. How better can the workplace be, but it’s not all and there was many stunning news in the team. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Ask suggestion for your vacation packages

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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Customer care interaction for credit card refund

I have been keeping tab on each and every transaction on my credit card for past one year and have been paying the transactions amount before the due date. However, in one of the statement period I had to pay huge transaction amount and I planned to pay in two installment before the due date and paid the same as per the plan. So, the next statement for my credit card has ran and I was shell shocked to see that debit interest have been charged in the card and I was so furious that I wanted to close my credit card at the earliest. Since I was in office I didn’t have enough space to call customer care and raise escalation against it. So, I waited patiently for the weekend and called the customer care to enquire about the transaction’s charges levied and either to refund the amount or cancel the card immediately. The customer care representative initially interacted with different tone and once I conveyed that either I am closing off the card because of this unwanted transaction charges levied, now the tone changed altogether and I was confirmed that the amount would be refunded and in addition to it I also wanted to check about the annual fee and to my surprise I was conveyed that it would also be refunded. Continue reading about another credit card at “G R Team sites” listed right side section.