Saturday, 13 June 2015

Information about Sri Lanka Resolution

What will a passed resolution do other than condemn Sri Lanka at UN? How will it help tamil civilians of Northern Lanka?

Voting for resolution will only drive India out from all the rehabilitation work it's doing in Northern Sri Lanka, rise on Sinhala nationalism and ill feelings toward India giving an opportunity to Chinese to make bases. IMO should use its goodwill and clout with Rajpaksha's govt for betterment of tamils. UN is a defunct organization anyways. Its only used by powers to get stuff done legally.

Tamil civilians had to go through worse atrocities. I think other than TN (for obvious reasons), other regions of India has either had no information or have been aloof of news coming out of Sri Lanka. I am all for bringing war criminals to justice but not by shaming SL publicly. I suspect it may harden Lankan public further against tamil minorities. I am however all for it if India offer refuge or amnesty to these civilians who want to move out.

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